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chamomile tea latte

Ready in 8 Minutes Creamy Chamomile Tea Latte!

Forget boring herbal tea! This decadent chamomile tea latte will rock your world with its warm, creamy goodness.

It’s ready in 8 minutes, perfect for a cozy night in or a delightful afternoon pick-me-up. And the best part?

No fancy equipment needed, just a trusty French press to whip up perfect latte froth at home.

chamomile tea latte in cup with chamomile flowers

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Calming and Cozy: Stressed from the holiday madness? Sip this bad boy and chase away the jitters like ghosts from Ebenezer Scrooge’s house. Bonus points for extra snuggling under a soft blanket.
  • No Caffeine Crash: No need to worry about midnight sugar highs or post-latte grumpiness. This is pure zen in a teacup, perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  • Easy Peasy Recipe: You don’t need a barista degree to whip up this masterpiece. Just a few pantry staples and some gentle TLC, and you’re golden (like the milk froth, duh).
  • So Customizable: Feeling adventurous? This recipe is your blank canvas. Add honey, lavender, cinnamon, heck, even sprinkle in some edible glitter if you’re feeling festive. It’s your cozy kingdom, rule it with a frothy spoon!
chamomile tea latte ingredients

Ingredient Notes

  • Chamomile tea: Loose leaf or sachets are your best bet for flavor, but tea bags work too!
  • Milk: Dairy, non-dairy, oat, soy, even chocolate almond if you’re feeling wild. Go for whole or 2% for the best frothing, but any milk you like is welcome. Go nuts (but not literally, unless you’re using actual nut milk, in which case, go nuts?).
  • Vanilla extract: A touch of vanilla adds depth and warmth to the latte.
  • Cloves: This warming spice adds a cozy kick, but feel free to leave it out if you’re not a fan.
  • Cinnamon: Ground cinnamon and a cinnamon stick double up on that cozy goodness.
  • Sweetener (optional): Honey, maple syrup, agave, a sprinkle of holiday cheer – whatever tickles your sweet tooth.
man making chamomile tea latte

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Heat it up: Combine milk, chamomile tea, cloves, and cinnamon stick in a saucepan and simmer on low.
  2. Strain and spice: Strain the mixture using mesh strainer into a French press and add the vanilla extract.
  3. Get frothy: Close the lid and pump the plunger until the volume doubles. Hold down the lid for a mess-free experience!
  4. Pour and enjoy: Divide the frothy latte into mugs and garnish with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

Notes & Tips

  • Use filtered water for extra tea-tastic flavor.
  • Don’t over-steep the tea, or it’ll get bitter like Grandma’s fruitcake after one too many eggnogs.
  • Experiment with different sweeteners and spices to find your perfect latte harmony.
  • Want a cold version? Brew the tea strong, chill it, and pour it over ice with the frothed milk. Instant iced chamomile latte magic!

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • No boil zone: Keep the heat on low, friends. Boiled milk is a sad, sad latte.
  • Vanilla afterglow: Wait until the milk is off the heat to add vanilla. Cooking it zaps the flavor, like sunshine on a snowman.
  • French press finesse: Hold down that lid! Pumping without restraint can lead to latte-splosion, and nobody wants that.
  • Halfway to heaven: Remember, the magic of the French press is doubling the volume. Fill it halfway for frothy perfection.
  • Forgetting the snuggles: This latte is practically begging to be enjoyed in a comfy chair with a good book or a cheesy holiday movie. Don’t deny yourself the full cozy experience!
drinking chamomile tea latte

Storing and Preserving

This latte is best enjoyed fresh, but any leftovers can be stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

Reheat gently, and remember, the froth might not be as epic the second time around.

Interesting Facts

  • Chamomile has been used for centuries for its calming and medicinal properties. In fact, ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of the sun.”
  • The name “chamomile” comes from the Greek words for “apple” and “ground,” probably due to the scent of the flowers.
  • Chamomile is a member of the daisy family!
  • The word “latte” comes from the Italian word for “milk.” So basically, you’re saying “milk milk” when you order one. Fancy, right?

Questions You May Have

1. Can I use herbal tea instead of chamomile?

Sure! Lavender, lemon balm, and mint are all great options. You can make this latte with almost any tea.

2. What if I don’t have a milk frother?

No worries! Here are some frothy alternatives:

  • Shaking jar: Fill a jar with milk (not quite full!), screw on the lid, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Microwave for 30 seconds to stabilize the foam.
  • Whisk & heat: Heat milk in a pan on low, whisk vigorously until frothy. Enjoy as is or microwave for more volume.
  • Immersion blender: Blend milk in a deep container until frothy (be careful of overflow!).

3. Can I use decaf coffee instead of tea?

Sure! Just adjust the sweetness as coffee can be more bitter.

chamomile tea latte

Cozy Chamomile Tea Latte

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Warm your soul and soothe your senses with this comforting chamomile tea latte for two. ☕



  • In a saucepan, gently heat milk, chamomile tea, cloves, and cinnamon stick over low heat for 5 minutes. Strain using mesh strainer into a French press.
  • Add vanilla extract and close the lid. Pump the plunger until the volume doubles (just a few pumps!).
  • Divide the frothy latte between two mugs and sprinkle with ground cinnamon for a cozy finish.


  • Keep the heat low to avoid burning the milk.
  • Add the vanilla extract after removing the milk from heat for the best flavor.
  • Hold down the French press lid while pumping for a mess-free frothing experience.
  • Fill the French press halfway to accommodate the doubled volume after pumping.
  • Experiment with different milk options, but know that whole or 2% milk froth the best.
  • Loose tea or tea sachets work great, but loose tea offers a richer flavor.
  • Naturally sweet from the warmed milk, but feel free to add honey or honey syrup for a touch of extra sweetness.

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