Tea Chai Cha is more than a blog, it’s a family.

Welcome to Tea Chai Cha, and allow me to introduce myself – I’m Tania, the heart and soul behind this delightful blog. My love for tea knows no bounds, and it has led me to create a virtual space that is more than just a blog; it’s a family.

Tea Chai Cha is a labor of love, where I pour my passion for tea into every word and craft whimsical tea illustrations to add a splash of color to your tea journey.

I’ve been writing for over five years now and have crafted thousands of articles on all sorts of topics. But I felt a strong pull to create my own little tea paradise, which led me to start this blog!

As you read through the heartwarming stories I share, I hope you’ll feel inspired and right at home!

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Tania Faysal

Hey, I’m Tania Faysal, a biochemist with a heart full of love for tea. Tea Chai Cha” is my passion project – a cozy online space where science meets storytelling.
Join me on my journey, and let’s share knowledge, laughter, and love, one delightful cup at a time.
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