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what does irish breakfast tea taste like

What Does Irish Breakfast Tea Taste Like? Dip in Before Sipin’!

With different blends of Irish Breakfast Tea out there, the fear of choosing the wrong one can be real.

And if you are like me and loves to try different tea blends, there’s one question must be jumping in your mind:

“What does Irish Breakfast tea taste like? What flavors will I be getting if I buy this particular black tea blend?”

Well, I tried it and here are my two cents on its flavor: 

Irish Breakfast Tea has a strong, robust flavor with a malty undertone. It often has a brisk and slightly astringent taste, which means it can be a bit bitter or drying on the palate. 

The intensity of this black tea flavor can vary depending on how long you steep it.

Some people describe it as bold and hearty, making it a popular choice for a morning pick-me-up.

However, if you prefer milder or sweeter teas, it might be too strong for your taste.

Got an idea of its bold and rich taste but thirsty for more tasty tips and deets?

Don’t stop now, the best is yet to come – keep reading!

english breakfast and irish breakfast milk tea
english breakfast and irish breakfast milk tea

Does Irish Breakfast Tea Taste Like English Breakfast Tea?

Irish Breakfast Tea and English Breakfast Tea have similar flavors, but there are some differences that you might notice.

First, both teas are black teas, so they share a common base flavor.

They are both strong and bold, which is why they are often enjoyed in the morning.

However, Irish Breakfast Tea tends to be a bit stronger and more robust compared to English Breakfast Tea.

It has a rich, malty taste with a slightly astringent edge.

So, if you enjoy a hearty and full-bodied tea, Irish Breakfast might be your cup of tea.

On the other hand, English Breakfast Tea is generally milder in flavor.

It’s still bold and brisk, but it has a smoother, more balanced profile.

It’s often described as having a touch of sweetness.

In summary, while both Irish and English Breakfast Teas share some similarities due to their black tea base, Irish Breakfast Tea leans towards a stronger and maltier taste.

Besides, English Breakfast Tea is somewhat milder and smoother.

ceylon, kenyan, assam tea leaves
different types of tea leaves result in strong Irish tea taste

Why Does Irish Breakfast Tea Taste So?

Irish Breakfast tea tastes strong and robust because of its specific blend of black tea leaves.

It’s a blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas, which are known for their bold and hearty flavors.

These tea leaves are grown in regions with rich soil and favorable climate conditions, which contributes to the tea’s unique taste.

The Assam tea in Irish Breakfast tea is known for its malty and full-bodied flavor.

Irish Breakfast tea usually has a higher percentage of Assam tea (mostly 100% in Ireland).

That’s why it gives the blend a rich and slightly astringent taste.

Ceylon tea, on the other hand, adds brightness and a brisk quality to the flavor profile.

It balances the richness of Assam tea with a bit of a citrusy note.

Lastly, Kenyan tea brings a bold, boldness to the blend, enhancing the overall robustness of Irish Breakfast tea.

The taste of Irish Breakfast tea is also influenced by the tea’s processing method.

The leaves are fully oxidized, which means they are exposed to air, leading to chemical changes that develop the tea’s flavors.

This oxidation process contributes to the tea’s dark color and strong taste.

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5 Different Tasting Notes of Irish Breakfast Tea

When I first sipped this tea, I noticed a variety of tasting notes that made it truly unique for me.

Let me break the flavors your taste buds might welcome while drinking this tea:

1. Bold and Earthy

Irish Breakfast tea has a bold and earthy taste.

As I’ve told you, the boldness comes from the blend of strong black teas, typically Assam and Ceylon varieties.

These teas are known for their robust and full-bodied flavor.

The earthy undertones can be attributed to the tea leaves’ origin and the way they are processed.

2. Malty Sweetness

You may notice a malty sweetness in your cup of Irish Breakfast tea.

This delightful note comes from the Assam tea leaves, which are grown in the Assam region of India.

The climate and soil conditions in Assam impart a natural maltiness to the tea leaves, giving this tea its distinctive character.

3. A Hint of Citrus

Some Irish Breakfast teas have a subtle hint of citrus.

This citrusy note often originates from the addition of high-grown Ceylon tea leaves.

The higher altitude at which these tea leaves are cultivated can bring out citrus undertones in the flavor profile.

4. Slight Astringency

Irish Breakfast tea can also have a slight astringency.

This characteristic is due to the tannins present in the black tea leaves.

The longer the tea is steeped, the more pronounced the astringency becomes.

It’s all about finding the right balance to suit your taste.

5. Full-bodied and Energizing

One of the reasons people love Irish Breakfast tea is its robust and energizing qualities.

The bold flavors and higher caffeine content make it an excellent choice for starting your day or getting a mid-afternoon boost.

assam tea hills
assam tea hills

What About Single-Origin and Multi-Origin Irish Breakfast Teas?

Irish Breakfast tea is a tea blend of 3-5 black teas, as you might have known until now.

But remember I mentioned, Assam tea is the heavy player in the tea blends that are available in Ireland.

While some love to sip on 100% Assam tea blend of Irish Breakfast tea, there are others (like me) who adore the complexity of teas from different origins.

That’s why I’m gonna talk about single and multi origin Irish teas.

-> Single-Origin Irish Breakfast Tea

Single-origin Irish Breakfast tea is made from tea leaves sourced from a single region.

For example, you might come across Irish Breakfast tea that exclusively uses Assam tea leaves from India.

This type of tea showcases the unique characteristics of that specific region, like the bold and malty notes of Assam.

It offers a consistent flavor profile because it relies on one source.

-> Multi-Origin Irish Breakfast Tea

On the other hand, multi-origin Irish Breakfast tea combines tea leaves from various regions.

For instance, it could blend Assam tea from India with Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.

This blend creates a more complex flavor profile.

The malty sweetness of Assam combines with the citrusy notes of Ceylon, offering a balanced and diverse taste experience.

So, Which Blend Should You Choose?

The choice between single-origin and multi-origin Irish Breakfast tea boils down to your personal preference.

If you enjoy a consistent and straightforward flavor, go for single-origin.

If you prefer a blend that offers a range of tasting notes, opt for multi-origin.

people plucking tea leaves
tea pluckers plucking tea leaves

Effect of Tea Processing on Irish Breakfast Flavor

When it comes to the flavor of Irish Breakfast tea, the way the tea leaves are processed plays a significant role.

Here are some notes on the processing of Irish teas.

1. Plucking the Leaves

The tea adventure begins in the tea fields.

Workers carefully pluck the tea leaves, focusing on the topmost, tender leaves and buds.

These are the ones with the best flavor potential.

2. Withering the Leaves

Once picked, the leaves undergo a process called withering.

This is where they lose some moisture, which softens them up.

The leaves are spread out in a cool, airy place.

Think of it as the tea leaves taking a little nap to prepare for their transformation.

3. Rolling and Crushing

The leaves are rolled and crushed.

This step is vital for releasing the enzymes in the leaves and exposing them to oxygen.

This helps develop the tea’s flavor.

4. Fermentation or Oxidation

Tea leaves are laid out to oxidize.

The length of time they spend here depends on the type of tea being produced.

For Irish Breakfast tea, it’s a shorter oxidation period compared to black teas like Darjeeling.

5. CTC Method for Breakfast Blends

Many breakfast blends, including Irish Breakfast, use the CTC (cut, tear, curl) method.

This mechanical process chops the leaves into small pieces.

Smaller pieces mean a faster brew, and in this case, it creates that bold and robust flavor that breakfast tea lovers adore.

6. Drying and Firing

At last, the leaves are then dried and fired.

This halts the oxidation process.

The drying process ensures that the tea leaves have the right moisture content and are shelf-stable.

how to buy the best tasting irish tea blend

How to Buy the Best Tasting Irish Breakfast Tea

Now that the tea is processed and packaged, lemme give you some tips on how to pick the best tasting one.

1. Consider the Brand: Look for reputable brands known for their high-quality Irish Breakfast Tea.

Brands matter in ensuring a good taste.

2. Check the Ingredients: Always read the label.

Authentic Irish Breakfast Tea should contain Assam and Ceylon tea leaves for a robust flavor.

3. Loose Leaves or Tea Bags: Decide whether you prefer loose leaves for a fuller taste or the convenience of tea bags.

4. Tea Grade Matters: Choose a tea labeled as “broken” or “flowery” for a strong and rich flavor.

5. Check the Freshness: Ensure the tea is fresh; stale tea won’t taste good.

Check the packaging date.

6. Brewing Instructions: Follow the recommended brewing time and water temperature for the best taste.

7. Customer Reviews: Look for reviews to see what others think about the taste of the tea.

8. Price vs. Quality: Balance your budget with the quality you want.

Sometimes, a slightly higher price means better taste.

irish breakfast tea on breakfast spread
irish breakfast tea with a breakfast spread

What Flavors Pair Well with Irish Breakfast Tea

In Ireland, Irish Breakfast Tea is a beloved morning beverage.

It’s often enjoyed with a splash of milk and perhaps a bit of sugar.

The creamy milk helps mellow out the tea’s robustness, creating a smooth and comforting brew.

But what about food pairings? How does it go with flavorful dishes?

Let’s find out.

-> Rich and Hearty Breakfast

Irish Breakfast Tea is bold and hearty and it pairs wonderfully with a classic breakfast spread, including scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, and buttered toast.

The tea’s robust flavor complements the savory and rich notes of these breakfast staples.

irish tea with irish soda bread
irish tea with irish soda bread

-> Irish Soda Bread

Irish people can never forget soda bread with their Irish Breakfast tea.

Soda bread is indeed a classic pairing with this bold black tea blend.

The simplicity and slightly tangy flavor of soda bread go hand in hand with the robustness of Irish Breakfast Tea.

It’s a wonderful choice for a light and satisfying snack or breakfast option.

irish tea with scones and jams
irish tea with scones and jams

-> Scones and Jam

Irish Breakfast Tea also pairs beautifully with sweet treats like scones and jam.

The tea’s brisk and malty notes create a delightful contrast with the sweetness of the jam and the flakiness of the scones.

-> Cheese and Crackers

If you’re looking for a savory option, try pairing your Irish Breakfast Tea with a cheese and cracker platter.

irish black tea with cheese and crackers
irish black tea with cheese and crackers

-> Oatmeal or Porridge

For a warm and comforting pairing, enjoy your Irish Breakfast Tea with a bowl of oatmeal or porridge.

irish tea with oatmeal and porridge
irish tea with oatmeal and porridge

5 Teas That Taste like Irish Breakfast Tea

Before you go, WAIT!

What if you tried Irish Breakfast tea but want this tasting note less and that more, a bit?

Don’t worry!

There are a few other teas out there that share a similar taste profile, perhaps, that you might like.

1. English Breakfast Tea

You might have heard of this one. English Breakfast Tea is a close cousin to Irish Breakfast Tea.

It boasts a strong and bold flavor, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a robust brew in the morning.

Both Irish and English Breakfast Teas are often enjoyed with milk and sugar.

2. Scottish Breakfast Tea

This one’s like the Highland cousin of Irish Breakfast Tea.

It’s known for its strong, malty flavor, which is quite similar to the Irish version.

Scottish Breakfast Tea is also traditionally served with milk, making it a comforting morning brew.

3. Assam Tea

Hailing from the Assam region of India, Assam tea is renowned for its rich, bold, and brisk taste.

It’s often referred to as the “brisket of tea” because of its strong, full-bodied character.

Like Irish Breakfast Tea, Assam tea pairs well with milk and sugar.

4. Kenyan Tea

Kenyan tea has a bold and robust flavor that’s akin to Irish Breakfast Tea.

It’s grown at high altitudes and offers a bright, brisk taste.

If you’re looking for something with a similar kick, give Kenyan tea a try.

5. Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea, from Sri Lanka, comes in various grades, but the higher-quality ones offer a bold and robust flavor similar to Irish Breakfast Tea.

It has a robust and lively character, making it a delightful morning brew.

irish tea with desserts
irish tea with desserts

-> Desserts

Don’t forget about dessert!

Irish Breakfast Tea can be a delightful companion to desserts like chocolate cake, apple pie, or shortbread cookies.

Have questions about the flavor profiles of other teas? Drop them below!

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