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butterfly pea tea in a glass

What Does Butterfly Pea Tea Taste Like?

Have you ever tried Butterfly Pea Tea? It’s a tea that changes color, and it’s pretty amazing!

This tea is famous for its bright blue color, and tea lovers all over the world adore it.

But what does butterfly pea tea taste like?

Butterfly pea tea tastes like a mild, earthy, and slightly vegetal flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Want to learn more about its taste? Keep reading then!

What Is Butterfly Pea Plant?

Our journey begins in Southeast Asia, with the vibrant Butterfly Pea plant, Clitoria ternatea.

This awe-inspiring vine gives us bright blue flowers that create a tea that’s a visual feast and a subtly delightful experience for the palate.

What Does Butterfly Pea Tea Taste Like?

So, what’s the grand reveal? What does Butterfly Pea Tea taste like?

Often described as having a mild, earthy flavor, it’s akin to the taste of fresh green beans, yet distinctively unique.

It’s both subtle and refreshing, leaving a slightly woody note dancing on your palate.

Taste of Butterfly Pea Tea vs Other Teas

When compared to other teas, Butterfly Pea Tea carves out its own niche.

It’s milder than green tea and lacks the floral overtones of jasmine tea.

Instead, it strikes a calming balance, providing a soothing, almost meditative beverage experience.

Flavor-Altering Variables

Just like in life, the smallest changes can have a big impact on the taste of Butterfly Pea Tea.

Factors like brewing time and temperature can subtly alter its flavor profile.

A longer steep or a higher temperature can unlock a bolder, more robust flavor.

Experiment with these variables and embark on a quest to discover your perfect brew!

How to Make Tasty Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly pea tea might taste bland and Asians use this tea for its color as a primary purpose.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t entertain you taste buds.

The dried flowers, when steeped in hot water, bloom into a deeply colored infusion, painting your cup with the hues of a clear, summer sky.

So, to make it tasty you can add a touch of lemon or lime (or you can mix it with other herbs and make iced tea.)

Not only, will it taste citrusy but you’re also in for a magical transformation from deep blue color to radiant purple!

Check this post for complete recipe – How to Make Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

How Does Butterfly Pea Tea Work? What’s the Effect on Taste?

The color-changing spectacle of Butterfly Pea Tea is courtesy of a pH-sensitive pigment in the flowers.

When you add an acid like lemon juice, it changes the pH, and voila, the color of the tea magically transforms!

Adding lemon to butterfly pea tea changes its color from blue to purple or pink due to a change in pH.

This color change doesn’t significantly affect the taste.

But it may add a slightly citrusy and tangy flavor from the lemon, making the tea more refreshing.

butterfly pea flower tea in a cup

Is Butterfly Pea Flower Poisonous?

Rest assured, Butterfly Pea Tea is absolutely safe to drink!

Its use dates back centuries in traditional medicine, providing both health benefits and aesthetic appeal.

Does Butterfly Pea Tea Have Caffeine?

Butterfly Pea Tea is like the chill master of drinks, totally caffeine-free!

So, whether you’re one of those sensitive folks or just want to keep things caffeine-free, this delightful brew is your go-to, day or night.

No jitters, no energy spikes, just pure goodness to enjoy whenever you feel like it.  

iced butterfly pea flower tea made with powder

Versatile Butterfly Pea Flower Powder Taste

Looking for even more ways to enjoy the beauty and benefits of the butterfly pea flower?

Try Butterfly Pea Flower Powder!

Butterfly pea flower powder tastes slightly earthy and has a subtle, mildly vegetal flavor with hints of green tea.

Want to learn how to make butterfly pea flower powder? I have shared it in this guide – How to Make Butterfly Pea Flower Tea – Benefits, Pairings

You can use it in smoothies, baking, or cooking to add a vibrant blue color and a subtle earthy flavor.

It’s yet another way to bring the magic of Butterfly Pea Tea into your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Butterfly Pea Milk Tea has a unique, subtly earthy flavor profile. The addition of milk softens the earthiness and adds a creamy texture, making it a delightfully smooth and comforting beverage.

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea tastes mild and earthy, somewhat akin to green beans. It has a subtly woody aftertaste, making it a soothing and refreshing drink that’s perfect for unwinding.

Butterfly Pea Tea Boba combines the mild, earthy flavors of Butterfly Pea Tea with the sweet, chewy delight of boba pearls. The result is a fun, texture-rich beverage that’s both visually stunning and delicious.

Yes, Butterfly Pea Tea has a pleasant, mild taste that many people enjoy. Its earthy flavor, combined with its striking visual appeal, makes it a unique and satisfying beverage.

Absolutely! Butterfly Pea Tea is not only visually attractive and delicious, it is also rich in antioxidants. This means it’s good for your health too.

On its own, Butterfly Pea Tea has a mild, earthy flavor and is not inherently sweet. However, you can add honey, sugar, or other sweeteners in your tea to improve its taste.

To enhance Butterfly Pea Tea’s flavor, try adding a squeeze of lemon, which changes the tea’s color and adds a refreshing citrus note. You can also add sweeteners, spices, or herbs like mint or lemongrass for extra flavor.

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